Download Tapotype 1.01

Current Release

Tapotype 1.01 Source Files
This zip file contains all that you need to set up your TAP environment. If you already have TAP installed on your server, just overwrite your current build folder with the one in the zip file.

Tapotype 1.01 Release NotesĀ 11/30/2013
Landscape transitions are now available. To use a landscape transition, append “_l” to the end of the transition name. The following transitions do no require “_l” to be appended at the end:

  • flipright/flipleft
  • swapright/swapleft
  • cuberight/cubeleft
  • popon/popoff
  • fade/fadefast

To learn how to build landscape views in TAP, check out UNITiD’s tutorial post under the “Change Orientation” section.

Previous Versions
Tapotype 1.0 Source Files

  • Updated with most of the iOS7 transitions.
  • Some transitions have been kept from past versions of Tapotype.
  • Transition names have been updated.
  • Only compatible with iPhone4 and iPhone5.